Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tattoos are very personal for a lot of people, so that's why I was extremely honored when two of my friends asked me to design tattoos for them. Here are the pictures I made...

Tiffany's tattoo design:

Jayme's tattoo design:

I just sent Jayme's design to him yesterday, but Tiffany's is 100% done...

I was really nervous about how it was gonna turn out, but
Tiffany's tattoo artist, Sam Mcwilliams, did an amazing job.

-You can see more of Sam's work at

Tiffany and Jayme are both incredible artists, and you can check out their work by clicking on their names.


Sol Exposure said...

That's so cool Nick!! If I ever want another tattoo...I will definitely be "hitting you up".

Miss you!

gleamgliding said...

God damn, those are sweet. There are so many tattoos that I want and not enough body parts to put them on. Ian's already drawing me some stuff and I'd love it if you would draw me one too, if you're feeling up to it.