Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Activity Adventure Quest (show/mishap)

Last week I payed the price of having a messy desk. I was scanning a drawing when the paper tray on my printer flipped down and knocked over a bottle of water onto my computer and a can of coke onto my Charles Manson Maze. Luckily the little rubber keyboard guard saved my computer's life, but the Charles Manson Maze wasn't so lucky. The little instruction card got completely ruined, and the maze itself has a brown stain on it. Looking at it now that its dry and flattened it doesn't look too bad. The coke completely missed the paint and ink. It's a watercolor painting, so I don't really need to say how bad it could have been. I think it'll be OK, plus I already scanned it, so it'll look fine in the Activity Adventure Quest book.

That reminds me! If you live in the Phoenix area you should come down to the Trunk Space on Friday for the book release party. I'll be there, and you can look for the brown stain on my painting!

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