Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$2 Drawings!!

It's official, I've sold out... To you!! (laugh track)
Starting this very moment, you can commission me to draw you whatever you want. And I'll do it.

For $2 here's what you get:
- A drawing of your choosing on a 6x4 index card.
- A personalized message on the back of the card.
- The joy that comes with knowing that you helped Nick pay off his debt from art school with arts. cool. (laugh track)
- A few weeks later I'll post our collaboration here for the whole world to see (unless you don't want me to)

If that sounds good to you, then go ahead and click the "buy now" button on the right, and send me an email at: tuggboat1138@gmail.com with:
- Your name
- Your mailing address
- And a description of what you want me to draw.

What else are you gonna spend your money on? Charity? (click play)

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