Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get Off My Lawn (New Math The Band Artwork)

The time has come for new Math the Band artwork! This is the art for their upcoming 7", "Get Off My Lawn."



Check out some of the other stuff Math the Band has for sale here.

1 More Flyer, 2 More Ghosts

Here's the second of the two flyers I've been working on this week. This one's for an amazing show at the Trunk Space featuring Phoenix veterans, "Andrew Jackson Jihad" and my new favorite band, "ROAR." Don't miss it!

Go to the show and make sure you pick up ROAR's "I Can't Handle Change" EP. You'll thank me.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Ready For Some New Flyers

The fall semester is over, so now I can get back to making things for people instead of school. Here's one of two flyers I'm working on right now.

If you're in San Francisco on the 29th you should go to this show. And if you aren't, than it's time to round up some friends and snacks and make a trip out there to see The Yellow Dress. You'll be happy, and it'll make you and your friends better people.

PS. This isn't the last of the ghosts.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zelda Portraits

Maybe you knew this, and maybe you didn't, but I'm a big Legend of Zelda fan. So in honor of something I like, and some people I like, I made these portraits of me and some friends as Zelda characters. Enjoy. If you want to.

Me as Tingle.

Matt as a Goron.

Alex as Makar.

Adam as Link.