Monday, January 10, 2011

"Clean" Music Video

Here it is! The music video I directed for Hello the Mind Control's song, "Clean."

The video is an homage to the music video for Eddie Murphy's 1985 number 1 jam, "Party all the Time." Like Eddie Murphy in the original video, Tyler Broderick is on his way to the studio to record his hit single with none other than the "super freak" himself, Rick James. (played by Matt Kimball) After joining up with the rest of Hello the Mind Control, the band and Rick create something better than music. They create magic!

The video was a ton of fun to shoot, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thank you everyone who came out partied all the time.

Hello the Mind Control is: Tyler Broderick, Quinn Scribner, Brianna Johnson, Alex Cardwell, and Mitchell Keaney.

Tyler Broderick - Himself
Hello The Mind Control - Themselves
Rick James-like Producer - Matt Kimball
Jal, The Audio Engineer - Jalipaz Nelson

Party Animals!:
-Alex Benson
-Patrick Sexton
-Edgerton Lunt
-Lauren Kohl
-Kyle Daniels
-Alyssa McAlister
-Connor Gadek
-Megan Kimball
-Allen Harsted


Bryan Proteau said...

My favorite things about this video:
1. Matt.
2. The bowed keytar.

tuggboat said...

I think I feel the same way.