Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The .gif of the Magi

After my last .gif post, I decided that posting them all at once like that might have been a little much, so I'll take it slow from now on starting with this:

This came from a conversation my friend Alex and I had while walking home late one night. For some reason we started talking about The Beatles, and that got us talking about Paul McCartney's second band, Wings. We then started wondering: What if Sir Paul McCartney was knighted not for his work with The Beatles, but specifically for his work with Wings? That lead the conversation in a strange direction that ultimately ended up with that image up there. I completely understand if you wanna leave.

1 comment:

Alex M. said...

Oh man, what a night. I will cherish this .gif for life. When I die, make sure I'm buried with it.