Saturday, November 19, 2011

Selling Out

Last week I posted a painting from the art show that Owen Evans and I had back in May. I sold a few pieces at that show, but ever since the show's end, I've had a stack of framed artwork just sitting in my house. So instead of letting all my paintings collect dust, I thought I'd put them up here to sell. I made a little pull down paypal store over on the right side of the blog. Check it out!

"Ghost City" $100 - 8x10

"Business Monsters" $40 - two 5x7 SOLD

"Dinoghosts" $35 - three 4x6 SOLD

"Knife Fight" $40 - 8x10

"Cultist B-Ballers" $60 - 8x10

"Pumpkin Smoke" $25 - 4x6

"Halloween Bat" $30 - 8x10 SOLD

If you see a piece that you like, but it's too pricey, I can make a print of it for you for $10. Just let me know.

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