Monday, April 25, 2011


After the earthquake last year in Haiti my mom and brother went down there with a group from their church to help rebuild an orphanage that was destroyed. While they were there they spent all their down time playing games and flying kites with the kids. In that time my mom fell in love with three amazing kids; Michelove her brother Moise, and their 3 year old sister Sophonie. My mom's talked about adopting for years now, so it was no surprise to me that that's exactly what she and my dad had in mind.
After getting a chance to go to Haiti and meet the kids last summer, I wanted to do something to help out my parents with the adoption. So my family and I came up with a plan to design and sell t shirts to raise money. Here they are:

You can buy them directly from the side bar on the right. They're $18 a piece, and all the proceeds go towards the adoption.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funny Button Art Shows

I live in Washington now. I don't know if I mentioned that yet. Anyway, here in Washington there's a house venue called The Funny Button, and at every show there's an impromptu, collaborative art exhibition that gets made and put up about an hour before everything starts. Each art show has a theme that usually gets decided on a few days prior, but you aren't allowed to make anything until the day of the event. Now that that's explained, here are a few of the things I've made for the past couple shows.

The theme of the show for the first three was "Having a Good Time."

These next two were for the theme "Golden Oldies"

These little art shows are a ton of fun, so you'll probably see more of these in the future.